Meine Damen und Herren

 Kraftwerk did not disappoint anyone in their appearance at Dalhalla yesterday. The sound in that venue is the best I heard in my life, and with the spaceship-like appearance of the stage it’s perfect for electronic music. Kraftwerk obviously agrees, the visuals for “spacelab” featured a clip of them landing their laboratory right inside Dalhalla.
 I only hope that these versions of the tracks will eventually find their way onto a proper release since they are superior from the “minimum maximum” versions. It’s a much more organic and romantic sound now and the second part of autobahn even has a strong krautrock vibe.


Norberg 2014

I had a lot of fun at this years Norberg festival. Here are some of the things that stood out for me:

Abdul Raschim
The entire EMS set

There were an absolute ton of things to see and do this year all very nicely organized. One of my favorite sets was the night ambient session in the Mimer, 3am to 7am. It was pure magic.

Jesper brought his mimer sound system this year too and we established further that italodisco is the common link between all.

Really open stage. Just bring your stuff and jam. This year electron and Teenage Engineering and Roland had gear on and personnel at hand. A move that brought a lot more people to the table than usual. Great stuff!


On the road again

We spent most of today in the car, due to poor planning and giving in to nagging we spent the first time if the day at “Tågröda ladan” or as it is more formally known the house of model trains in Alunda. A true work of passion is this place and Aron would go here every week if we let him.
 So add those 1 1/2 hours in the car with the fact that we also drove to Nora today. (2 1/2 hours) And the ac is busted in our car :)
 But staring tomorrow there will be nothing to complain about, when the 15:th edition of Norbergfestival kicks off! There will be mayhem and this blog is where you’ll be able to read about it.


Unden by boat

 Yesterday’s trip by canoe and kayak was a success. The day was spent paddling and swimming. Absolutely amazing nature experience.

Hova medieval week

Today we visited the medieval week of Hova. Pretty kid oriented and fun but maybe not all the activities were of the epoc. (On tonight’s program: 80s disco night) and also I almost ended up in chains, those market guards had no sense of humor.
 Later we did Norrqvarn and later still Pelle gave us a tour of his incredibly well managed garden. Great inspiration for my own humble efforts at home.


Time for Chillaxing

We spent the beautiful first day together in an idyllic spot of Örebro – Stora Holmen. It’s a park in the central city setup exclusively for the kids on a crazy ambitious scale. The kids have been looking forward to the karts and the train all year. It was great. Of special interest is the train (a Dotto Trenini) that runs along the length of the entire park, has two functioning stations and used to have several routes and even a tunnel. Awesome!
 The park is run entirely by school kids earning a bit of extra cash during the summer, I’m impressed by their level of commitment. I said some remark as thanks to the poor chap in charge of rowing everyone over to the island(!) and he straightened up and replied “I hope you get a GREAT day at the park today.”
 5/5 this place rocks


Vacation time!

Today marks the start of my official holidays I’m going to be putting up some lovely summer pics here for your enjoyment.








Makes all kinds of sense

Makes all kinds of sense

Tiny Death Star review

Last week was May the fourth, a celebratory day for Star Wars fans all of the world. I’m not very excited about the new movies coming, but still, its sci-fi.Tiny-Death-Star-1-800x1280

Around this time of year there is always Star Wars stuff happening on the online stores, and this time my eye fell on Tiny Deathstar, a smartphone app. Presented in wonderful pixel-o-vision I had hopes for it to be charming. How could it not?

The reason why this is a blog post is because I don’t get why this game exists at all.  Here is the basic premise. Lets see how many of these you think sounds like fun.

  • You are Darth Vader
  • You do the emperors bidding
  • The emperors bidding is that you should run the death star elevator.
  • You have no help running the elevator. People get in, ask for a floor. You make it happen.

In typical Freemium style, your ticket into the world of Tiny Deathstar is free. But after a pretty short while you notice that the workers aren’t as efficient as you want them to be, either wait an hour for the workers to finish the task you just gave them.  Or… force choke them right? Your very presence should be enough to make every task take seconds. You are Darth Bloody Vader. Sadly that may be the case on the big grown up Death Star. On the TINY Death Star, Darth Vader has to pay bribes using “Space Bux” to speed up construction.

So Tiny Death Star is a freemium game, and that means that it uses TWO sets of currencies. A normal one and a “premium” one, the premium one speeds things up and is typically bought with real money in the appstore. This is all fine and I’m sure its going to make the publisher a lot of money. Here is however the problem:  It’s not very fun.  The pretext of the game, that the deathstar should be profitable. Is just wrong. The execution of the game means constant timers and annoyances for the player, and the reward of the game, the thing you get after waiting and pressing stuff according to the rules of this monstrous place. All your hard earned work, boils down to this:


TinyDeathStar-2Feast your eyes!  Its a Leia outfit, one of the many you will be collecting during your stay here at the tiny death star. As you can see the dress itself is a 6×6 pixel affair, and I’m sure it took a designer a good 10 minutes to eke out the details.

Sorry but this isn’t a game at all, just a waste of time. I feel sorry for everyone involved. Mostly me that had to put up with it. A small mercy is that nobody of my friends seems to have picked it up.

You had pixels. You had the star wars assets. You managed to make it boring.

If you want to play a good star wars games on your cellphone, there is another title you can pick up instead. KOTOR. If you don’t know about it, go now!

The tiny deathstar will meanwhile remain in a galaxy far far away… from me.