© 2008 Martin

A day in the life

I picked up the camera and documented a typical Saturday for us. We always start at the flea market at Vaksalatorg, to see if there are any new fun things we can get. We absolutely love the second-hand markets, recent find include one of these puppets, one of these keyboards, an endless array of xbox accessories.. you get the idea.

After checking the goods its time to move on to grab a coffee at the coffeewagon, that is run by a group of african women, which is notable since its a booming business and its actually run by them, there is no fat-bellied husband to be seen skulking in the background. Their donuts rule all. Then, some light shopping, always with mandatory stops at the playground so Aron can stretch his legs. This particular Saturday i was shopping for a pair of reading glasses, after my surgery last week I see really well on long distances, but the synthetic lenses my eyes have now cannot adjust focus. Squinting does nothing, its flat-out impossible to read without some kind of glasses. The optician tricked me tho, and the ones i bought from Clas Ohlsson make me nauseus.. oh well. Luckily my old glasses kinda work for now.

In the evening we had invited my mother and Hasse to dinner, as a thanks for the lots and lots of help we have received, during the summer months.