Its a big day today. Yesterday Aron lost the last one of his left contact lenses. Its has been a morning routine since he was very small to wrestle him down and put in or take out the contacts. Up until this week he really disliked the procedure, but this week he actually let us do it himself! Its a very big step, since now that he is talking more and more, that kind of morning trauma isn’t the best way to start your day. So anyway, yesterday he lost the last one of his contacts. This is always a problem, since he is not supposed to be without them or his vision changes for the worst. We had no option but to ship him to daycare without contacts and with his pair of glasses instead.

Imagine my surprise when the following little guy comes to meet me at daycare when its time to pick him up!

He had been using his glasses for the whole day without any problems. Its the first day of his life with glasses, and its a great day.