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Burns: And to think, Smithers, you laughed when I bought Ticketmaster. [imitating Smithers] Nobody’s going to pay a hundred-percent “service charge.”
Smithers: It’s a policy that ensures a healthy mix of the rich and the ignorant, sir.

Here is what has been bugging me in the debate: The state is jumping on the bandwagon a bit too fast when it comes to limiting your right on the net. With the telecom package around the corner you start asking yourself whose best interest the state has at heart. Do you know a single person who thinks this kind of government control is a good idea?

Then unfortunately on the other side of the debate, at least in Sweden, you find the Pirate-party. A whole political party whose only issue is the right of filesharing and the freedom of information or something like that. They want to get my vote, when filesharing is like the least of the worlds problems at the moment. Its very depressing, guys there is a name for one-issue organizations: lobby group. Allright?

So it was a complete breath of fresh air to read this article on fokus.se. It brings the discussion back to where it should have stayed in the first place: How is it possible that an album that costs a given amount of money in the store, almost costs the same amount as a digital download?

Read this article

Its in swedish, but I encourage you to use the translation engine of your choice if you need to. It’s worth it. Judging by how the way things are going now, we are heading head-first into a very dark place indeed.


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