© 2009 Martin

Aron 2 years old

It is very hard to believe, but two years have past since little Aron came to us. In one way the time has gone by so very quickly, and in another it is hard to even imagine what your life was like without him. So radical is the change in a parents heart that life without your kid turns into a faded memory.

With cake and champagne (for the older children..), we took up a little table in the sun where the kids could run freely and the grownups talk more or less calmly. Many friends and family joined us and Aron could well have been entirely without toys before this party, since there was a veritable flood of trinkets, toys, and adorable books for him. Extra fun was also the presence of the many other kids. Aron is a bit rough now, never late to push och pinch people of his own size, but the party managed to pass without great incidents.

Thanks to all of you who were there and made our evening a great one. Aron got so many impressions that it was very hard for him to go to sleep.  

Photos by Gabriel, here is the full gallery