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Nissan Leaf

We have our eye on a Nissan Leaf! I have been lusting for an electric car for quite some time and now the stars seem to be aligning.

Nissan is offering a consumer leasing programme that makes sense economically. There is one big caveat, and its naturally the first question that gets asked when talking about e-cars is rangw. And its a short distance vehicle. Current range is 150 kilometers on a charge. Still its not many trips a year that goes above that limit, and with the vharger infrastructure getting better the usefulness of the vehicle will keep improving. One thing my research is showing is that the state and the power companies will not be of any help switching people away from fossile fuwls. Ill list my findings here.

Also: since the cost of a charge is around 20 sek, the main cost of ownership is the leasing deal itself.

Im stoked!