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First trip with the Leaf

Note to e-car nerds, im not one of you guys! I have no intention of learning more about the technology or fancy aftermarket mods I can do. All writing on this blog is going to be strictly from a first-user perspective. I just want to drive my car!

So here are some pics from the first trip with the Leaf, 160 kilometers with a fast charge in the midd3<u3le. Learning how to read the "range-left" meter is really tricky, since it only calculates with energy left in the battery. But there are a lot of factors that can make that meter go down more quickly! So be aware of the following:

– Speed, driving at 100km/h gives significantly less range than 90km/h.
– Rain, wet asphalt means more resistance for the tyres. Noticeable at once!
– AC, range means sacrificing comfort. Get ready to sweat/freeze if you want that range-meter to be correct!
– Cruise control, I had no idea cruise control used energy at all, but apparaently it does! A lot! This was the saddest discovery for me because i loved the cruise control feature on the other Nissans, like the Qasquai and even the Micra. Using it however means limiting your range severely, and if you can't use it on the highway when are you going to be using it? Never is when, for this generation of the Leaf its just going to sit there on the steering wheel mocking you.