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We took a stroll through one of Stockholms nicest parks yesterday, the Haga park with its copper tents and butterfly house. The trip also served as a scouting mission of sorts for our upcoming trip to Gotland. We are planning another long vacation in the Nissan Leaf and we needed to scout some charging stations.

The trip itself went amazing, from just under a full charge we arrived with enough charge in the car to make the return trip without charging. Nice!

I had a vague idea that there was a aquarium by the Butterfly House but we didnt do a lot of research before going, Turns out that there is a new exhibit about white sharks, complete with a huge tank containing some reef sharks and such, this new stuff rides piggyback with the butterfly exhibit. Ticket price was suddenly raised to the same level of Universeum! Come on! A complete robbery. It all seemed very forced and unnatural. We already have two really great aquariums in town. Unfortunately what used to be a great destination turned into a tourist trap of the worst kind.Also the gift shop was full of tacky flea-market crap. Ripoff territory.

Heading home, charged at Kista galleria. Some issue with the smartphone app didnt mark the charging station as being in use, which also meant I could not stop the charging. Customer support responded quickly and merrily that they had no idea how the smartphone parts of the solution worked. Its still early days.. Still car breezed home with half the charge left on arrrival. Quite happy with the trip!