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Lina used her sharp eyes and spotted an unlisted e-car charger here in Visby. One of the brand Clever. Exciting!

The only payment option was rfid cards, I’m not thrilled of the prospect of having another card to keep track of. But anyway..

There was no mention of pricing on the charger, or their website. So I sent a quick mail to their support with the most basic of questions: cuanto cuesta?

As an indication of how new this market is, They called me just a few minutes later, good customer service!

Here is what they are about:

– they are brand new, the charger in Visby is their only one in operation.
– they charge by Kw delivered rather than by minute
– a one – off charge is going to be more expensive than the competition, the price comes down with subscription plans and pre-paid plans, much like a cell phone plan. (His analogy)