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Gotland by e-car – Friday

I am writing this from the queue to the ferry and it’s just past midnight. After frolicking around the south of Gotland for a few days we were going to spend out last day in Visby to meet up with family and give the medieval market one last go.

The excellent Söderbjörka camping just outside Klintehamn has among its many virtues a slow charger for e-cars. That meant we could charge during the night and be ready for our trip the following day. I even took a joyride over to Hemse on a whim just to check out a famous second – hand shop there.

I just have to say that the slow roads of Gotland are a complete dream for this vehicle.

Sadly when we disembark from the ferry we will be back on the unhospitable mainland. From the ferry its actually just over 60km to the closest fast-charger. The plan is to charge once in Stockholm on our trip back. We are trying for the one in Roslagstull. Which charger is the best to use during the night?

The one we used close to the Stockholm city hall was a complete nightmare, due to many roadworks that our satnav had no clue about..

Now for a quick rest before the ferry!