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Gotland by electric car Monday

This week we are driving around The island of Gotland for our last week of vacation. Today at least the summer is very summery with what almost resembles warmth!

Since I’m learning about the ins and outs of driving and living with the Leaf I’m doing this as a proper log.

00.00 we set out for Stockholm. After 3 km I remember I forgot the charging cable. That would have been the most awkward holiday ever!

00.30 we set out for Stockholm, again. We are going to charge once before shipping off to Nynäshamn and the ferry. Arrived in Stockholm with good margin on the battery.

02.30 Charging in Stockholm. The chargers are networked so you can check they are ok before you arrive, but the current software still isn’t 100% if you do something wrong you get weird error messages. Ux ux! This time it was “sorry the charger is occupied” when clearly it was not.

04.30 Ferry time!

08.30 I slept 2 hours, that’s more than anybody else. Holy cow..

10.00 After a suitable coffee and sandwhich break we also needed to charge the car a bit. We found one of Visbys THREE fast chargers and put in just a bit (22 sek and 10 minutes) to keep us comfortably mobile in Visby.

13.00 checking out Visby, the slow charger outside Uppsala university is being hogged by a company that rents out Nissan Leafs, can’t you get your own charger you cheapskates? Overall there are a lot of e-cars here! I never saw this many Leafs.