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Lumia 640 and Windows Phone 10

My current adventures into the new Windows phone environment could not have gotten a more auspicious start.  Here is an actual quote from the most popular IT site in Sweden.  “Its official,  Microsoft bows out of the mobile game”.

It would be a very surprising move to bow out the mobile market space two months before releasing their most advanced mobile operating system ever, either Microsoft are playing everybody a really expensive joke or IDG will have to eat those words..

Siri, Shes a competing digital assistant on a competitors phone. Not that I’m competitive or anything. — Cortana

The first thing you notice about this phone is that it is very cheap.  1400 sek or about 1/4 of the nearest comparable iPhone.  That’s the iPhone 5c.

First impressions are that I am very happy, the cloud integration means that on the camera roll I already see all the pictures a took with my iPhone, nice touch. And it also has extremely tight integration with Facebook and Skype.

One thing i just noticed now is comes with Swype built in!  I haven’t seen it announced anywhere but there it is, ready to be used out of the box.