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Electric car journal

I’m going to start posting my travels with the Nissan Leaf for the coming year. Esp during the holiday season it’s interesting to record.

There is a world of difference between now and when we got the car a year ago. Chargers are more abundant and there is a lot more press coverage about electric cars too, a little over a year ago I had no idea that they were this good already..

Disclaimer, I’m not really a electric car nerd, I’m a simple user, which means I will happily use my own naming conventions.

So todays trip

Norberg –> Nora

Distance: 109.6 km

Average energy usage: 13.40 kWh/100km

Energy used: 14.7 kWh

Duration: 1.8 hours

CO2 saved: 19 kg


At 93 km the stretch is not a fun one to attempt on a single charge, even if the car has a full battery. And since Norberg has no chargers at all.. This trip is made possible by the new fast charger in Fagersta. Thanks to vb energi for letting everybody use it for free for now!

– Norberg –> Fagersta 11 km, breezed by at 90 km/h.
– Used charger in Fagersta and went for lunch.
– Came back car is NOT CHARGED, first time this happened to me with a Chademo charger. Started charging again and this time got to 83% charge then it stopped again giving an error message. Something about the car detecting an error with the charge. Adjusted the plan to stop at Lindesberg to charge instead of trying for Nora at once.
– Fagersta –> Lindesberg 63 km, no problems, maintainted 90 km/h w AC on.
– Stopped at Lindesberg to slow-charge with a normal wall-socket just to get a bit more juice for the last leg to Nora. NOPE Linde Energi wants me to swipe a rfid card in order to use a normal slow charger. ridiculous! also impossible to get hold on the rfid tag on a sunday so thanks for nothing I guess.
– The cars guess-o-meter predicts I will get to Nora on the current low charge. So away I go 80 km/h on this part of the trip, makes me not popular with the locals who happily drive 130 km/h on this 90 km/h road..
– Arrived in Nora with no problems. Slow charging here for the night, tomorrow its back home to Uppsala.