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So long Nissan Leaf

Two years passed with remarkable speed and it’s time to kiss our lovely Nissan Leaf goodbye. Two years ago we were remarkably lucky to secure a leasing deal for this car.

Driving it is like magic, silent, without vibrations and it accelerates  from zero like absolute lightning. The ambition Nissan had with this car was to target families or more specifically the growing Chinese car market, LEAF is an acronym for Leading Electric Affordable Family.  And for that goal i salute them. This is meant as a real world solution for the city family. Everybody is talking about Tesla, and as a display case for this new tech they are doing a silly good job. As a car for me? Nah.

When we got ours in spring 2015 we were the second family we knew about that drove electric, the first one in our town and the first one at work. Infrastructure was slowly turning up,  but  driving electric was still very much an enthusiast  affair, and I’m happy to be blessed with a family as happy for adventure as I am because we have some stories now. That fateful time when the charger in Västerås was faulty and it was the only one in town.. We actually took into a hotel and spent the night,  while the car slow charged.. just 80km from home.

Here is a fun exercise. Let’s call it electric car simulator. First  make sure your gas tank is completely empty, then fill it with exactly 10€ of gas.  Leave the wallet at home and start your trip. Happy trails!

So goodbye Leaf! I’m not going to miss your crazy short action radius but in all other ways you were a dream car. Hope you have a good life in that Polish envirocar program all leased cars seem to be headed for.