Francisco Javier Gumucio EchichipeaLike many others in my family I like to research my family roots. For one, history is fun, and also I find it to be a great way to keep in touch with the living and sometimes distant relatives. To this end I have set up a separate web were I record my research. The link is at the end of this page. The photos you see decorating this page visualize the span of my research, you will see Javier Gumucio Echichipea, 1829. My granddad Alejandro Gumucio Harriet, 1913 and my son Aron Gumucio Bergström 2007. Each photo represents a distance of three generations.


Using the free opening period of The Times Online Archive i found these notes containing the name Gumucio. It is a current goal to figure out where these gentlemen fit in in our family tree.


I have the honor to count with several collaborators – this is compilation work from the many years of research done by these fantastic people. I extend my thanks and gratitude, follow the link below for the site and for much much more family goodness.

My Family Tree

Alejando Gumucio Harriet